A walk by the seashore

The evening sun had robbed the blue colour of the sky and had put in its place tints of crimson red mixed with shades of grey. A few golden streaks of light added to the beauty of the painted sky. The fluid line of the horizon was getting erased slowly as the sun plunged into the sea, burning or drowning to death , hard to tell which. A solitary bird, which perched itself upon the tallest rock on the shore, was looking sun ward, without blinking its eyes. A group of cranes was flying homeward in a symmetric V shaped pattern, symbolising oneness. The wind was blowing in full speed, letting me hear its murmur . Suddenly, I felt jealous of the freedom of the wind. A few evening stars were seen pasted on the sky and the fingernail sized moon had already made his appearance.

This is that moment of the day when the beach looks most beautiful………

3 thoughts on “A walk by the seashore

  1. 🙂 i love painting too.. but i concentrate more on pencil sketching.. Ive given posted some of my works on my blog.. why dont you do the same.. i wud love to see ur works 🙂

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