Delusions – II

The magical dust, shed by the moon

and the melodious song sung by your lips
Woke me from my deep sleep,
I opened my eyes and I saw you.
Silhouetted in the mirror, I saw-
your image, receding from my window.
Your anklets were giggling,
with the rhythm of your footsteps.
You were singing a forgotten song,
Sorry, I couldn’t make out the words.
Your hair, as dark as moonless night,
were dancing with the tune of your song.
You sailed away, leaving me
in the world of delusions.
I held you in my eyes,
Till your footsteps ceased to hear,
Till your song dissolved into the fog,
Till you vanished into nothingness.
Were you Dream?
Or was I dreaming?

12 thoughts on “Delusions – II

  1. Thanks, bluebird, for the comment.I am very optimistic, but sometimes I come up with sad poems as this. I'm happy that you stopped by, to read my blog. Thanks again.

  2. @ child,I was half asleep when I penned it. Who am I to defy the mystical forces of subconsciousness? I chose to write it down as soon as I woke up from sleep.Thank you.@ SowmiThanks for the comment.

  3. Beautiful. You are in quite a confusion, aren't you?Whether I am I, dreaming a dream,Or,Whether my dream is dreaming me.A big applause for this one. Keep writing.

  4. "Were you Dream?Or was I dreaming?"beautifully expressed.."Your hair, as dark as moonless night,"loved the way u expressed each emotion wid such amzing words..Keep penning!!Goodday!

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