This morning, I woke up to see-
no birds in the morning sky,
no messages in my inbox,
and no newspaper in the balcony.
Suddenly I felt so lonely…………
Silence had rooted in my backyard garden-
and had borne anonymous flowers
which sent off a peculiar odour-
to ward off all birds, messages and newspaper.
So I sat in front of the fogged, frosted glass,
and drew figures on it with my index finger,
discovering random geometry on a window pane.
Who said, “Silence is golden”?


10 thoughts on “Silence

  1. ive always been wondering about the topics of ur posts.. they are always a bit negative..but u have written it so wonderfully that it doesnt matter at suggestion, i think the term "offensive smell" shdve been substituted with something else. it kinda doesnt seem to fit the flow. but again the rest is just pure brillaince.. ive been away frm blogging for a while, thats y cudnt comment on ur prev posts..take care 🙂

  2. @ Amal BoseThanks for the comment.True that my poems have a tinge of negativity…….I used to try my best to think about something positive, but sadness always comes along……I think I can't be poetic about anything more pleasant….i too feel the same about the word 'offensive'.I shall try to replace it with a more appropriate word.

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