It is discouraging to know
that I am a mediocre,
And will never do
anything of extraordinary value.
Like the painter who knows
that he is no da Vinci.
I sometimes get appalled
at the burden of life here
living as if I were the whole world,
Like the spider who got
entangled in his own web…
I hate to see things the way
everyone do,
although it is easier to see
things that way around.
It is tough to go against
what I am told to see or believe.
Much of what I think to be true
are lies.
I am done with the poem.
Friends, did I make any sense?


18 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. @ VishnuThanks for the comment, friend.I am much like the spider I mentioned in the poem.In fact it is not a poem at all, I just put some thoughts together, that's all.It is not that we forget to think about others, but we are too busy to do so…This rat race makes everyone a spider even though we don't want to be one….

  2. Dear Netha, Good Evening!I wonder,when you are determined to save lives,you should be in high spirits always.yes,I agree,you have your emotions,You need an outlet to pour them out.See, all the five fingers are not the same.Who estimates the value of an individual?There is a diamond in us!Please try to discover!you have expressed very well.keep it up!Wishing you a wonderful evening, Sasneham, Anu

  3. i think this is wat everyone feels..uve expressed it brilliantly"I hate to see things in the wayeveryone do,although it is easier to seethings that way around."this line is soo true..ur very observative.about the first part(mediocre) try to change that..i mean, u dont hav to compare with anyone. everyone is unique n wat u do shd be special to u.. think of it that way.

  4. @ the masked one,Well, I think you are right…One should not try to compare oneself with others…Sometimes I get so disappointed with my performance that I come to think that way…Most of my poems have a tinge of pessimism, but I can't do away that part.I shall try to be more optimistic when I write…Thank you very much for the comment..

  5. well.. not just in writing, try to bring in optimism to ur life too.. thinking positive isnt that big a trouble i guess. its not blindly believing that everything ll come right, but just hope for the best but still prepare for the worst. thinking positive ll giv u a better state of mind which ll make u face any trouble well..

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