Digits and equations



During my school days, mathematics was the subject of my interest. I don’t claim that I was a wiz in maths, but I certainly was better than the guys who didn’t know the difference between differentiation and integration (Many students learn this part by rote, come up with the correct solution, but don’t know what it is all about). I used to carry a problem book, in which I’d note down all interesting problems and their solutions. I was enthusiastic about arriving the same result by following different methods.

My habit of playing with numbers earned me the title- GENIUS. In fact, I’m not a genius at all, but see how I create that impression. After the first period, one guy arrives at me with a very complicated looking problem. I look into the problem, study it for 5 minutes, look up the formulae for another 5 minutes and finally put it in my brains and solve it out in next ten minutes. The whole process takes about 20 minutes, and you can see that I am no genius.

Look the same problem from the guy’s perspective. He gives me the problem, waits for two minutes or so, gets impatient and leaves the classroom to hang out with other guys. When he comes back, he sees me engaged in some other work. He asks me if I have done the problem, and I say ,”Oh that was a piece of cake..”. He thinks that he didn’t arrive in time to see me finishing the problem.

After a few hours, another girl would come to me with the same problem. Now that I had practiced the problem once, I’d do it in a flick of the second. When the next guy comes, I tell him the answer even without reading the question. Soon, all of my classmates get convinced that I am a ‘supergenius’.

If any of my schoolmates are reading this, I swear, this is what happened. I’m not as smart as you think (if I were smart I wouldn’t have posted this article in my blog at the first place).

I don’t study maths any more. But Mathematics has made my thoughts logical, beliefs concrete and decisions fearless.

33 thoughts on “Digits and equations

  1. @ Insignia,Well, I am not as intelligent as you think. I just created that impression by working in my own curious ways. Yes, I'm a student of medicine.We the medical students also develop a liking to maths..

  2. I don't think if you love a subject you become a genius in it…I love books but I am not a writer…I love movies and I am not a director…+2 maths was anyways more interesting than what we did @ engg… Engg. was just a mug up…

  3. @ Jon,Thanks for the comment.All people who love a subject don't become geniuses, but all geniuses love the subject of their interest. This is what I meant. A genius director loves movies and a genius writer loves books. By the way, I'm not a genius in Maths, but I happened to love Maths. Meanwhile, I earned the title 'genius' although I didn't do anything out of the ordinary.

  4. 🙂 Poor kids…They didn't know that they were actually dealing with a smart kid. Ha Ha ha.AND Its a sad thing that you didn't have me in your class.(Not to solve the problems but to spread the popularity of this Genius a bit further ;))Great post.Keep blogging !!!

  5. lol..am just the opposite of a maths enthusiast. I dreaded my maths classes, but I tried hard and somehow studied..and not by rote..m just not gud at it..ended up getting 90+ marks which made fellow classmates think I acted to not like the subject…Even though I have started working, I still learn and yet am not able to shake off the maths subject from the curriculum of the subject I love the most. Some weird rotten chemistry.Anyone can fool a person, some can fool many, but only a genius can fool all..so if not the other way, this way your are a genius.happy to have discovered your blog…will come back with more time in hand to read the older posts too.Thanks for coming and being a part of Banter Battery!

  6. @ freelance,Thanks for the comment.Calculus is not a big deal, anybody can master it (at least at the 12th std level), but it requires perseverance.Anyway, who cares about all that..Not even a single formula is of use in the day to day life..your blog is awesome..You are a GENIUS blogger, indeed..

  7. @ Meenakshi,Yours is the longest comment I've ever received..Thank you very much for the comment..Nice to know that you too love maths..As for Chemistry, it is not that rotten..Chem has got numerous applications in daily life, right?I'm proud to be a part of BANTER BATTERY..Keep blogging, dear..

  8. all my friends went for Holi vacation today, im staying back here coz I have suppli exams next week for Maths! 😦 I hate that subject.. esp integration!!

  9. i loved maths till my +2…but in the past 1 year i hav started hating it..!!Dunno if thats bcoz maths is weird or boring or difficult now at iit.!!

  10. @ Dhawal,An IITan disliking maths? I thought it was impossible to survive at an IIT without liking maths..I too loved math till my +2. Sadly, I joined medicine, and I had to stop learning Maths..But I love it when my sis asks me maths doubts..I'm more than happy to help her out..

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