15 thoughts on “Today

  1. Yeah I can understand the plight of Indian people after the prices of fuel have gone so high. ;)I would have loved to read the poem which infused so much of emotions in your young soul.By the way loved the new template. Cool for the Indian Summer 🙂 !!!

  2. ur simple statements are as engrossing as your poems…btw, I got to know about your blog from the orkut community paradise of prose and poetry created by Samuel, my classmate at PAS

  3. @ Asif,Really.. The price of fuel has gone so high these days..Well, I'll continue to publish poems, but the one I burned down was not a good one..Thanks for the comment..Just thought of making my blog look greener!!

  4. @ Sayantan,Thanks for reading my blog..In fact, I didn't want to post that poem, so I burned it..I just tried to express my thoughts in a different way.Thanks for the comment too..

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