Straight to heart


you still try to
rule the world
although I’ve got you
identified, caught,
bound with arteries
and locked in a cage.
You are the sole prisoner
within my self, and the
guardian of my own soul.
How dare you beat
for somebody else
when you’re sure that
you’ll not leave me alive?


14 thoughts on “Straight to heart

  1. @ Vaisakh,Thanks a trillion for the comment..It didn't occur to me that this one was strange..if so I'm happy that I've come up with the first strange post on my blog(smiles). Keep blogging, friend..(Forget ectopia cordis for the purpose of reading this post:))@Fareed,Thanks for the comment..Will come up with more poems of this kind..

  2. once,a friend asked me help on something very important to her,and i told her,in true paulo coelho fashion,listen to what her heart tells you..and she said,being a med student,hearts just a thing that beats,and eventually kills..somehow,thats the first thing your poem reminded me of..

  3. @ c. Soldier,Long since..Thanks a trillion for the comment..yes, heart is nothing but an organ that beats constantly to keep us alive..As a medical student, I have the same opinion as your other friend..

  4. Dis is one of d best thngs i have ever read on any of the blogs…How dare you beat for somebody else.When you're sure that you'll not leave me alive?its a masterpiece…vowwww…

  5. 🙂 that just made me blush, very short but the fact of life..have the same problem,… my heart rules my deeds and kills me every moment,.. but i cannot chanage myself..very true…very sweet…

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