I don’t want to meet him again

Let me introduce before you Mr. Ronak (his name itself is weird, isn’t it?), better known as ‘padaakoo’ in my close circle of friends. There is practically nothing under the sun or above it which Mr. Ronak has no idea about. If you go to him asking help for a seminar, he would snatch your notes as if those were his own property you had run away with and keep you hanging up for a good length of time teaching you how ignorant you are on the topic. If you want me on my knees begging for mercy, ask Mr. Ronak to give me a lecture on ‘black holes’, or let him visit my home with an idea for an essay when I am planning to go for fishing. I feared him so much that whenever I saw him coming towards me from the other end of the lane, I immediately crossed the road. The most horrible fact is that he is my classmate.

I remember our first class in Physics. Our Physics teacher was enthusiastically explaining the properties of light, Corpuscular Theory and so forth( I was too busy to listen because I was having a good look at the girls sitting in the front row). “The velocity of light is approximately three hundred million metres per second”, she said.

“Two hundred ninety nine million, seven hundred ninetytwo thousand,four hundred and fifty eight as estimated by Michaelson’s method”,Ronak interrupted.

” You are right”, Ms. Physics (let us call her so) said dryly and continued her tale on Corpuscular Theory ( I was half asleep by then). “Long back Issac Newton had said-”

” In 1675, exactly”, it was Ronak again. We all stopped writing notes and gazed at him. He was beaming with pride. Ms. Physics turned red. She opened her mouth and closed again, showing a set of pearly white teeth (false teeth, I doubt) without uttering a word.She continued the class, keeping her eyebrows knitted. Occasionally, she asked a few questions, all aiming Ronak, but he was too intelligent to be outsmarted.

Ms.Physics turned our attention to Electromagnetic Theory(Now I was admiring the beauty of Mother Nature). Without any provocation, Ronak stood up and said,”Proposed by Maxwell, in 1873″.

This time,Ms. Physics burned with rage, surpassing red and becoming maroon. “Well, if you are thorough with the subject, why don’t you handle the class yourself?”, she asked him with a bit of sarcasm in her tone.

Ronak rose. He proudly stood near the blackboard and lifted a chalk piece. He explained all those stupid theories one by one giving accurate facts and figures. We listened,in a horrific sort of silence,wondering what Ms.Physics would do next. Fortunately, the bell rang soon and Ms. Physics left the class, keeping her lips pursed.

Day after day, his actions became more annoying.Whenever Ms. Physics or any other teacher explained something, he dramatically stood up and corrected the errors or simply added more details. He would submit his projects far ahead of time, and would win every quiz he had participated. He would work tirelessly in the lab checking and rechecking results. He even had written a letter to the publishers pointing out the errors in our Physics textbook. Anyone who stepped on the stray electric wires in his room and did not come out trembling, with spiny hair, blackened face and a permanently surprised look were far too exceptional.None of us fools could match his caliber. We feared the idea of being his partner in the chemistry lab because he made his partner repeat the experiments until he turned up with the correct value accurate to three significant figures (Moreover, it stinks!!!,hydrogen sulfide smells much better).

One day,to everyone’s relief, he was absent in the class. He did not come thereafter. Rumours spread that he had moved to another college. I was sure that the news was true because Ms.Physics looked more cheerful. Long after, we got busy with our own chores and forgot all about Ronak.

After three years,I passed out with a B.Sc degree (I shall not reveal my marks,they are tremendously good). I soon started looking for a job. Two months passed, and I got the first call letter for an interview.

On the day of the interview, I was particularly enthusiastic about the outcome.I was early to reach the scheduled office. I confidently walked into the interviewers’ room, to meet just one person, sitting on a turn chair on the other side of the table.”Good Morning, sir”, I greeted. He raised his head and kept aside the note he was busy writing.

He was pale and skinny.He glanced me through his steel rimmed spectacles and said “Good Morning, Please take your seat”.

His voice was oddly familiar. I examined his face carefully. I quickly scanned my brain and identified the person (After all, I am not a dung head) and I felt a kind of electric charge passing through my spine.I resisted the urge to kick him and walked outside the room, sweating.’No job’ is better than this job, I thought.

A name board was nailed on the wall close to the door, which read, “Ronak Singh, Managing Director”.


41 thoughts on “I don’t want to meet him again

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  10. Hehehe…Really funny. Yes in fact such people are everywhere. :DI had a bit of difficulty imagining his facial features. It would have been good if you had posted a picture or two of such a special person.The art of presentation was too good. Keep it up!

  11. Arre ye banda to Funsuk Wangdu types nikla aur tumhein pasand nahi aaya :(And why were u staring at the girls in front?? :O

  12. @ Sid,Thank you very much for the comment. I am a Keralite, my mother tongue is Malayalam, and I know very little Hindi. I guess you are not impressed by this post. In fact, this is just a story, not a real incident.The central character has no resemblance with anybody dead or alive. I was trying to view a genius from an average person's perspective. I wrote this from a boy's perspective, so I added that statement which you mentioned in your comment.

  13. @ Asif,Welcome back to my blog..Thanks a trillion for the comment. Well, I did not have a real person in mind when i wrote this story. I think my description was not full enough to describe the imaginary person I had in mind.Thanks for the encouragement..And do visit again..

  14. Hey Netha, a bunch of mis-understandings there :)I did like ur story and assumed u being a Indian blogger knew Hindi. I thght u were narrating a real life incident (Good job there, you had me fooled :)) and did not get the guy perspective. Evidently my assumptions were way off the mark and hence the comment.No offense meant and hope you take none :)P.S.: If you re-read my earlier comment you will understand it was made in jest 🙂

  15. @ Sid,Thanks for visiting again 🙂 I had a little trouble in understanding Hindi and that was the cause of all misunderstanding.I should have mentioned in the post that it was a story and not a real life incident.I guess it is important to learn Hindi at the earliest :)Keep blogging and keep bringing up great ideas, Sid..

  16. @ Haddock,Thanks for reading this post..Yeah..the old memories could be a nightmare at times..one might not know who or what he will encounter..The worse thing is that you might bump into persons you hate the most at inappropriate times..

  17. @ Dhawal,I should have added that, but I was too impatient to publish the post on my blog..Perhaps I'll come up with a second part of this story one day..Thanks for visiting my space again and again..Loved your posts too..

  18. quite a good story, my english is very bad. so i always feel jealous when i see somebody writing well in it. here too i felt the same.

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  20. @ Praveen,Your English is 'romantic'- I've learnt from your blog. Give it a hell when professors give your English a C grade :)And about the 'jealous' part, we have discussed, right? Expecting you to be less jealous from here on ;)Compare your English with my malayalam and be happy that you are far ahead!!Giving your blog an A plus!!

  21. Was a very good postIt indeed has a resemblance to "The Man who knew too much"I see a lot of spam comments here..It would be really appreciable if u did something to avoid them.. Thanks for the post…

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