The poet responds to Bobby Fischer

(“Chess is my life”- Bobby Fischer)

Each in our own way Bob, we have said yes-
to squares of black and white, battles fought and won.
You brood over the pawns and knights while
I pluck the words and rearrange them insanely.
I,like you,respond to echoes, the call of a cuckoo,
the wailing of a beggar woman and the purrs of cats.
You and I are bound by the delicate laws of
arithmetic and the invisible code of grammar.
You lead success, while I am accompanied
only by the ringing voice of yearning.
Give me a crowbar and Archimedes to help,
I shall lift the moon and stars. I wonder,
how can we lift our dreams, Bob, they’re so-
heavy and without wings.Forget Archimedes.
Nights, I still float on my dreams, as you-
do in the skies. Bon nuit, Bob…….



17 thoughts on “The poet responds to Bobby Fischer

  1. @ Raziman,Thanks for the comment.Pangs of dejection always hurts.My purpose is done if the reader becomes empathic..Motivations?numerous..1.The nothingness of being isn't anything.(ഒന്നുമില്ലയിമയിലെ ശൂന്യത, എന്ന് പറയാമോ മലയാളത്തില്‍ ?)2.An odd feeling that something is about to go wrong.3. Silence, solitude.And the list goes on and on..

  2. @Dhawal,Dumb, says who? You might want to read about Bobby Fischer to understand this poem have tried to bring out the differences between myself and the chess player(I am not fully successful, though). Lines 5and 6 have something to do with incidents that took place in Bob's childhood(not going to break the suspense, anyway).Happy reading.

  3. heyyy…thanx for widening my vision….its a really nice creation…!!!quite gud…!!u seem to be a rly philosophical person lyk me..!!

  4. @ Tanvi,Thanks.One more feather to my crown.Your posts are very touching, you seem to make the readers cry.@ Dhawal,Thanks for coming back..You are indeed philosophical, but am I?And do keep bringing up more IIT stuff in your posts..The last one was hilarious, hats off to you!!

  5. Hey are you really a medical student? Looking at the depths and the feelings from this work, I don’t think you really are such a young girl I used to think. :)…Whoooa I’m really left alone gasping for air after reading this.You too got touched by his real life incidents? He was one of a kind and lived his life up to the expectations. I love him for what he was. I don’t know or I don’t care what one country says about this all time great player. I really like for what he was and what he did. You really have a way with words now. Keep it up. I really loved this post a lot. Keep up the good work.I'm ready for a gambit anyday 😀

  6. @ Asif,Welcome back to blogosphere :)They say, we should always give people the unexpected.And what else did you think about me, huh?That is funny. With the coming posts, I'll suffocate you to death :)Not willing to comment about Bob. I have a mixture of feelings towards him..Not able to and feeling like commenting about him.Why don't we go for a game of chess (you are sure to win though)? By the way,I'm a little busy with exams, so not planning to post anything in the near future.Happy blogging, my friend..

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