In Justice

I see Bhopal in my dreams.
A city that encloses a demon.
The sky, rainbowless, still
unable to wash off the toxins.
Clicking sound of metal gates
of a Colosseal building, wreck.
Men-flesh packed tightly
around the bones, bloodless.
Hundreds of them, stitching up
the wounds on their scaly skin.
Their heads are bare, voice
a wisper and footsteps calm.
They concentrate on pain
to ward off despair and agony.
Dear brother who has suffered
twenty six eons of pain,
If the only paper you had
was the flesh on your back,
what would you have written
with the motion of your scapulae-
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18 thoughts on “In Justice

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. These are an excellent way to meet new people and share ideas. Regarding cats: I, too, believe that they give us much comfort from the troubles of the world.

  2. i dont understand whats nice about is indeed a shame on our bharat that the lives here are treated much cheaper than the ones in other have made your voice heard,netha..

  3. Hello,First off, thank you for visiting my poetry blog and giving your very kind words. I am humbled by your work. I am the student of poetry and you are the master. Your work is very strong. It conjures very strong images and the words you use are very powerful. I'd like to link up with you if you don't mind.

  4. @ Kavya,Thanks for the comment.@ Pranav,Thank you,Pranav, for dropping by.Your essay on the same theme was great too..@bunnits,Thanks for visiting my place.Great to know that I have run into a cat lover's blog..By the way, I'd have been more happy if you had commented on this poem.

  5. @ CS,Thanks for the comment.Fully in agreement with you.@Rolly,Thanks for the comment.In fact,I wasn't trying to be kind,it was an honest evaluation of your poem from my side:)I'll be very happy to work with you(but only if we treat each other as equals :-))@Gazal,Thanks for dropping by..

  6. @ Balachandran sir,Reached your blog via bluebird's. Had visited your blog long back, got to know that so many changes have occurred there since my last visit.Will come back to read more..

  7. hello. I'm a first time visitor . i didnt enjoyed your poem much. i dont know why. may be i find it little monochromatic in terms of expressions. by the way good effort by you and friends and i enjoyed Raziman's (original). Kudos again

  8. @ Babumon,Thanks for dropping by. Happy to know that you liked my stuff :)About 'monochromaticity', should I keep it that way or should I change my style?Raziman, heard that?

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