I can’t believe in a war
on the other side of these mountains
In the holy land
Out of sight, out of earshot.

I can’t place my hand on your wound
and feel the marks of the bullet and the spear.

I can’t feel the weight of your grief
on my chest when
your mom breathes her last.

I can’t melt or burn when
your unidentified heart
explodes with sorrow
or shrinks with fear.

Stone cold hands, bone white flesh
eyes lolling upwards, this night-
in my dreams, I saw you staring
at the vultures circling above you.

No wonder why I am sleepless these days.


20 thoughts on “Palestine

  1. Wow Netha, I bet no one can sleep when other part of this world is in distress, but sadly now-a-days no one cares until it happens to them. Wonderfully put. I loved the concept. Keep it up! I eagerly wait for your posts :)Regards,

  2. And no wonder I became a big fan of your thoughts.Keep it up! Loved every word and every line you shared here.So many innocent children and so many innocent people are being killed every minute. Where is our Humanity and where is the so called justice?Sad to say but it is occurring everywhere in the world. Disheartening thing is that such a thing goes unnoticed even when it happens in our own backyards.

  3. @Vaisakh,Thank you.Time taken..depends…this one took half an hour.@Tanvi,True to the core of it.Thanks for reading.@Asif,I'm your fan too.@Pravi,Thanks man..This is indeed a compliment…I'm honored again..

  4. Nice 🙂 It's so true, we are not able to experience/reduce the pain of our beloved ones, all we can do is to feel sorry , and this feeling of helplessness is the worst ..

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