You don’t belong here…

Why, child, do you choose to remain in the library?
Don’t the antique wood and dusted books
blow up your lungs and make you sneeze?
Are you here, looking for the Principia Mathematica
or a personal message from Einstein?
Careful…People down below may think
they’ve seen a ghost, when they spot you-
roaming or floating through the bookcases.
Remember, Halliday and Rusnik are too old
to reveal their inner self for kids like you.
I tell you, it is hard to travel through the woods,
And you are no Robert Frost or Shelley.
Oh kid, leave this haunted place and go back-
to where you belong… chewing gums, Harry Potter,
cricket bats, butterflies, video games and colour pencils.

This poem is dedicated to all tiny tots of 5th standard, who have started to prepare for the Engineering entrance exams.