Miles Away

Disclaimer : This story is a work of fiction. However, all characters, monuments, institutions and places mentioned in this story are real. The author is aware that the thread of this story has resemblance to the incidents mentioned in Chapter 1 of Dan Brown‘s novel, Inferno. The author believes that she was inspired by the […]

A scene from the biochem lab

How it should’ve gone: The Medico is provided with a beaker of urine. She is asked to report the abnormal constituents present in it. The Medico is a genius, you know. She knows the whole biochemistry lab manual by heart! She performs all the tests in a flick of the second. She also performs the […]

Cunningham Syndrome

If you love reading The Cunningham’s Manual Of Practical Anatomy, God save you. If you don’t, Welcome to the club. Feel free to have a drink. If you have no idea about the book I am speaking of, hold on. The Cunningham’s Manual is every medico’s nightmare. The peculiarity of this book is that it […]