In Justice

I see Bhopal in my dreams.
A city that encloses a demon.
The sky, rainbowless, still
unable to wash off the toxins.
Clicking sound of metal gates
of a Colosseal building, wreck.
Men-flesh packed tightly
around the bones, bloodless.
Hundreds of them, stitching up
the wounds on their scaly skin.
Their heads are bare, voice
a wisper and footsteps calm.
They concentrate on pain
to ward off despair and agony.
Dear brother who has suffered
twenty six eons of pain,
If the only paper you had
was the flesh on your back,
what would you have written
with the motion of your scapulae-
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The poet responds to Bobby Fischer

(“Chess is my life”- Bobby Fischer)

Each in our own way Bob, we have said yes-
to squares of black and white, battles fought and won.
You brood over the pawns and knights while
I pluck the words and rearrange them insanely.
I,like you,respond to echoes, the call of a cuckoo,
the wailing of a beggar woman and the purrs of cats.
You and I are bound by the delicate laws of
arithmetic and the invisible code of grammar.
You lead success, while I am accompanied
only by the ringing voice of yearning.
Give me a crowbar and Archimedes to help,
I shall lift the moon and stars. I wonder,
how can we lift our dreams, Bob, they’re so-
heavy and without wings.Forget Archimedes.
Nights, I still float on my dreams, as you-
do in the skies. Bon nuit, Bob…….


Delusions – II

The magical dust, shed by the moon

and the melodious song sung by your lips
Woke me from my deep sleep,
I opened my eyes and I saw you.
Silhouetted in the mirror, I saw-
your image, receding from my window.
Your anklets were giggling,
with the rhythm of your footsteps.
You were singing a forgotten song,
Sorry, I couldn’t make out the words.
Your hair, as dark as moonless night,
were dancing with the tune of your song.
You sailed away, leaving me
in the world of delusions.
I held you in my eyes,
Till your footsteps ceased to hear,
Till your song dissolved into the fog,
Till you vanished into nothingness.
Were you Dream?
Or was I dreaming?


When my weighted eyes
slowly slip down to sleep,
When my heart listens
to the rhythm of breath,
My soul breaks-
the invisible chain of consciousness,
to drift peacefully
in the sea of delusions.
Let my soul be carried away
in a swirl of whirlpool
into the depths of the dark sea …….
For, I love-
to explore the unexplored,
And to see the unseen.