Poetic Confessions

The poems always come to meor I feel so.I usually turn away,pretending to be busy.It is as though they hideat nooks and cornerswaiting to turn upas soon as I come.The longer I turn away,the more they arriveone after the otherin torn clotheslike mendicants,like babies on the doorstep,like penniless relativeswith stories so desolate.I’d need a heart […]

Straight to heart

Heart,you still try torule the worldalthough I’ve got youidentified, caught,bound with arteriesand locked in a cage.You are the sole prisonerwithin my self, and theguardian of my own soul.How dare you beatfor somebody elsewhen you’re sure thatyou’ll not leave me alive?

You don’t belong here…

Why, child, do you choose to remain in the library? Don’t the antique wood and dusted books blow up your lungs and make you sneeze? Are you here, looking for the Principia Mathematica or a personal message from Einstein? Careful…People down below may think they’ve seen a ghost, when they spot you- roaming or floating […]


It is discouraging to knowthat I am a mediocre,And will never doanything of extraordinary value.Like the painter who knowsthat he is no da Vinci.I sometimes get appalledat the burden of life hereliving as if I were the whole world,Like the spider who gotentangled in his own web…I hate to see things the wayeveryone do,although it […]


In the evening, the shadows of evergreen trees,gently spill beneath the tombstones of the dead.The heaving earth pays tribute to the deadby pouring down her tears, the heavy rain.The farmer, who found solace in a piece of rope,rests here, his debts unpaid, tears unwiped.The wealthy merchant, who died untimely,rests here, his dreams unfulfilled.Blessed are they, […]


This morning, I woke up to see-no birds in the morning sky,no messages in my inbox,and no newspaper in the balcony.Suddenly I felt so lonely…………Silence had rooted in my backyard garden-and had borne anonymous flowerswhich sent off a peculiar odour-to ward off all birds, messages and newspaper.So I sat in front of the fogged, frosted […]

She is studying……..

Under the dim light of a kerosene lamp,A girl is studying for exams next day. Rain is pouring heavily on the thatched roof,The drenched shanty is shivering out of cold.The turbulent river is roaring near the house,Strange insects are buzzing in languages unknown. Her four year old sister,hungry,is crying for food.Her little brother is fast […]


Your eyes, filled with ocean are dynamic, restless and blue. I mistook that the Great Artist, the God- had made a mistake in His unique creation by painting them ocean blue, not muddy brown. Poured in your eyes is the turbulence of the ocean. I wonder the salty drops you weep belong to the deep […]