Gender Agenda : Gaining momentum

This article won the All Kerala Women’s Day Essay Writing Contest in March 2013 conducted by Cradle Hospital, Calicut. The topic was “Gender agenda: Gaining momentum”. Among one of the most talked about issues globally in the recent times is the gender gap and its consequences. In the light of third wave feminism, many gender […]

Dermatologically yours!

Thanks to Lakme for bringing up this contest that I had a reason for writing a blog post after a long time! At the dermatologist’s, you do not know what to expect.    A pinhead sized beauty spot could be a malignant melanoma and a normal looking wart would be a sqamous cell carcinoma. A […]

Illness and Cure

While I was busy recording the B.P of the patients, my mobile phone rang. It was Diya on the other end. “Diya, how are you? It has been long since……” “I will die soon Netha”, Diya spoke coldly. “All of us die sooner or later”, I corrected. Diya had this habit of speaking about death […]

A song

My broken thoughts once scribbled in my heart, when inked on pages becomes a tuneless song and floats in the air, crossing horizons, out of sight- to reach destinations unknown. Oh! Deathless song, Could you return, so that I can cherish you in my heart?

An evergreen leaf

This post is dedicated to my friend Mounika, who gifted me a leaf long back. Today,I found a brown brittle leaf, pressed between-the yellowing pages of my old music book.A leaf, which is a frail memento of love,A leaf which has a story engraved on its veins. Years back,We sat together on the same stone […]


The evening sun set spidery shadows and- watery rectangles on the smooth marble floor. The lonely tulip standing in the glass vase, withered and bowed to salute the sun. The tiny spider on its transluscent web, crawled edgeward and weaved no more. The humming mosquito hit the window glass in a lost attempt to fly […]

After the rain……..

The branches of the pine tree shookAnd sagged with the weight of rain.The carpet of mosses held raindropsLike crystal goblets against green velvet.The tall grasses and dandelions,danced around with the rhythm of breeze.Skeletons of kites tangled among oaks,only to wither and wane with age.The blossoms shed their pink petals,like tears shed from a lady’s eyes.Th […]